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Global Internet Monitoring

Global internet monitoring system is installed on every BROAD chiller, providing our customers with lifelong free Internet monitoring service.

The Monitoring Center is located in headquarters, and monitors the real-time running status of chillers 24/365. Any abnormal or alarm information will be sent to BROAD service engineers immediately so as to solve problems in the beginning.

Preventive services

BROAD provides regular checking and maintenance service for chillers 1~2 times per year according to the chiller model and its operation condition.

Cloud Management System

BROAD Cloud Management System is an aftersales service management system with PC version for computer and APP version for mobile terminals, which was independently designed and developed by BROAD.

The main functions include: users' and units' information, service records, service supervision records and information related to service, such as solution test report, customer satisfaction survey, maintenance records and so on.

BROAD saves all the service records which are open to corresponding users and accepts their supervision.

Service Training

Regular free service training for user's operator and service engineers is provided by BROAD at BROAD Town every year.

BROAD engineers can provide free technical training after on-site service. Regular Users' Summit is held globally to share BROAD new products, new technologies and management experience of energy-saving service, which creates unique value for our customers.

Broad EU Service

Broad EU Service is equipped to provide the highest in professional maintenance services at reasonable costs.

Broad Absorption chiller service is including Chiller Startup, Field Assembly, Commissioning, Single Service Agreement, Annual Service Agreement (1-2 times predictive maintenances), Warranty, and Troubleshooting & Repair. We do all of this while providing complete customer satisfaction, total system responsibility, improve comfort, safety, performance and energy efficiency throughout the life cycle of your assets.
An experienced service team located in France covers European installations with the support of the factory.

  • Absorption Chiller Startup, Field Assembly & Commissioning :

Performed by factory trained professionals, deliver smooth, uninterrupted startup; create safer, more productive environments for the people and processes inside your building.

  • Planned Maintenance, Urgent intervention, Predictive & Diagnostic :

Offers an Annual Service Agreement (1-2 times predictive maintenances), urgent interventions performed by highly skilled technical experts or dedicated technicians based in France, reduce unexpected down time, reduce operational costs, and maintain high efficiency.

  • Overhaul Parts Replacement Maintenance :

Provide replacement of wear and aged vacuum valves, vacuum seals, safety devices, electrical parts etc. while keeping machine in high vacuum stage to run at most efficiency, increasing asset life and reliable building operation.

  • Testing and Analysis :

Solution analysis detects the presence of contaminants, particles, chemical balancing, prevents catastrophic failures and increases equipment reliability.

  • Inspection, Troubleshooting and Repair :

Mission-critical services performed by skilled technical experts dedicated to reliable building operations, field inspection, and diagnostic and repair the problem, developed for individual facility needs.


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Ensure zero breakdown
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High efficiency long-term
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Efficiency energy
Global internet surveillance
Global internet surveillance
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